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My experience from the first day with Patty and Aging Simply has been beyond amazing. I knew after our first home visit she was the angel I needed, not just for mom, but for myself as I watched my mom progress through Alzheimer’s. I had no clue how to really care or communicate with her during this phase, which really tested my sanity level. Patty was extremely professional, deeply knowledgeable in her field, and mom responded so well to her personality. Some of the activities she would perform with mom brought tears to my eyes. I honestly thought she would never be able to do things she used to love, but Patty was able to tweak activities to her level and keep her interest. Not only was she there for mom, but she took the time to educate me on the disease process and even convinced me to join a local Alzheimer’s support group which has helped tremendously! I went from feeling like a failure for not being able to take care of my own mom, to helping others that walk in my same shoes. Patty will always be a blessing to our family.

Jackie T., Tampa, FL

We needed help for my husband, and we have found everything we could have hoped for in Patty Gosselin and Aging Simply. From the beginning, she has gently and consistently guided him through so many speech and comprehension obstacles. He has made great strides with her never-ending agenda of challenging exercises. He has made continuous progress and improvement and we cannot imagine life without her now. Patty is always on time, flexible and fully prepared, as well as being sweet and compassionate. She is truly the best!

GJ, Tampa, FL

Whenever my clients begin facing health challenges, or their lifestyle has changed, I refer them to Aging Simply. Patty is the advocate that you want by your or your loved one’s side. I have partnered with her several times over the past few years, and she has been a blessing each time. She has always been kind, professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. She emphasizes the importance of remaining physically and mentally active, while making it enjoyable! Regardless of the challenges her clients may face, she remains respectful of their dignity and manages to find a solution that best fits that need. She is a trusted resource that I happily introduce my clients to.

Heather Riner, Founder and Daily Money Manager of Atlas Financial Consulting, LLC.

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